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  • 由正觀堂梁曉新先生策展并編著的展覽圖錄。
  • 獨家首部十七世紀過渡期單色由瓷器專著。
  • 35件展品出處顯赫·,皆來自歐美巨擘舊藏。
  • 囊括吹紅、郎紅、郎綠、霽紅、澆紫、烏金、澆黃、吉翠、仿龍泉、甜白、魚子綠等名品。
  • 150頁彩色精印。限印500本。


  • First illustrated catalogue fully dedicated to 17th Century's monochromes
  • 35 fine and rare specimens of most treasured glazes from Early Qing Dynasty
  • From prominent and legendary European, American and Japanese Collections
  • 150 color pages. Limited 500 copies. 

《迤邐形色》十七世紀單色釉特展圖錄 FORMS OF SPIRITS

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